JAN. 1, 2014 -- Highly-potent, mind-altering marijuana is being sold freely to Colorado adults (and getting to children too). In 2012, voters there and in Washington state OK'd full-blown pot legalization, with Colorado implementing it first.

"What most people don't understand is that marijuana legalization has already been tried in Alaska during the late 1980s," said James Lambert of MarijuanaHarmsFamilies.com. "The negative results are that children get it much easier and eventually get hooked too. That's why after a couple of years of legalization in Alaska, their state legislature decided to totally reverse course and prohibit marijuana. Fully legalizing recreational pot doubles, or in some cases triples, the availability to children, putting at risk their developing brain."

For the sake of children, MarijuanaHarmsFamilies.com urges commonsense Americans to oppose marijuana mainstreaming efforts whenever and wherever they're proposed.


Marijuana bosses are moving beyond "medicinal marijuana" and now want to usher in a FULL-BLOWN marijuana culture to forever change society. They want the next generation to think it's "normal" to "get high."

Studies show marijuana is a gateway drug to cocaine and meth. Teens and young adults are especially at risk from today's potent, mind-altering marijuana, which can permanently damage their developing brains and young lungs. If pot is legalized, your health and auto insurance will likely cost more because increased addictions, accidents, and drug rehab will burden all Californians. “Drugged driving” will become commonplace. It will be a new "right" to get high on marijuana at work, even in transportation jobs. Marijuana legalization means cities and counties can OK selling pot in grocery stores and permit marijuana operatives to buy thousands of acres of farmland.

See documentation of these facts.

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